Hotel Features Glossary

  • Hotels displaying this icon are generally located within 3 miles of the airport. Hotels with this proximity can be useful when needing to stay at a property to meet an early morning flight, or to accommodate your party in the event of a flight delay or cancellation. Hotels near the airport can sell out quickly when there is a major weather or emergency situation in the area. Always call the hotel directly for same day bookings, as availability on the booking site can vary in comparison to what is actually available.

  • These rooms have 3 beds or the ability to contain 3 beds. Example combinations would include:

    2 Queens, 1 Rollaway/ 2 Twins, 1 Rollaway/ 2 Doubles, 1 Rollaway/ 2 Queens, 1 Pull-out Sofa/ 2 Twins, 1 Pull-out Sofa/ 2 Doubles, 1 Pull-out-sofa/ 1 King, 2 Twins/ etc.

    Rollaway beds are never guaranteed, as hotels have a limited quantity, and some have none at all. Pull-out Sofa’s are not available in every room category. Availability is limited and is often based on room configuration and size. City/State/Country Fire Codes will vary and the number of people allowed in a room will be different when traveling in America versus Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada and other countries. A hotel may allow 4 people in a 500 square foot room in the United States, but they may only allow 2 in the same space in Europe. See The Room STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that you contact the hotel for any bedding requirements that are not clearly noted on your booking site. Hotels often charge a supplement or additional fee for a rollaway and/or 3rd person in a room, as the majority of hotels are created and intended for 2 persons. We are not responsible for bedding fees, availability or lack of availability. The hotels have provided information advising which room types have the capability for three beds, but this can change due to number of rooms sold, hotel construction, and bedding alterations by each individual hotel.

  • This property has cribs available. There can occasionally be a nominal fee for rental, which we have noted when provided. If your child has special needs (allergies, physical disability) or is close to the age or weight limit for needing a crib, please make sure you contact the hotel to get advice on these matters. See The Room recommends calling the hotel to confirm crib availability before booking, and calling after your booking to have the detail noted on your record to avoid a sell-out situation. Cribs are generally limited and most hotels have less than 15 available within a property.

  • This hotel contains a guest use pool and/or hot tub/jacuzzi. We have noted indoor or outdoor where the information was provided. We have noted pool stair availability where provided. Pool stairs can be extremely helpful for people with physical ailment or impairment that prohibits them from using a traditional pool ladder to climb in and out of the pool. See The Room highly recommends calling the hotel to find out pool age restrictions, hours, temperature details and availability. The availability of a pool is often a deal-breaker for a family, as it is a wonderful way to keep kids happy and engaged. Pool areas often close during the most inopportune times for maintenance, repair and replacement. If the pool is a requirement for your stay, we highly recommend calling to obtain the details before booking your stay to avoid disappointment.

  • This hotel allows pets in the guest rooms. Hotels generally have a limited number or rooms that they can allow pets in due to allergies and other factors. Most hotels charge a pet non-refundable pet cleaning fee, that can be one time (Example: $100.00 non-refundable fee) or daily (Example: $50.00 daily pet fee). There are generally size and weight limits for dogs within a property and cats are often not allowed. We have noted the animal restrictions when provided by the hotel. Pet friendly hotels like to often welcome the pet with amenities such as a dog bowl, bed or treat in the room. Pet amenities are not provided by all properties. If your pet has allergies or special needs, please contact the hotel to confirm those needs can be met before booking. Please note that the rules, restrictions, weight limits, fees and availability for your pet to be a guest within the property can change at any time. Most pet friendly hotels limit you to one pet per room, unless the dogs are very small. Contact the hotel directly for more details.

  • This hotel has a beach on site or across the street from the property. When seeking water views for your room, always read the description carefully as there is a difference between what you will see depending on the description. Some beaches are private, guests only and adults only. If you will be traveling with children, always check with the property to make sure your children will not be restricted in any way from enjoying the beach. Some properties have beaches that are not intended for swimming due to currents or the rocky nature of the landscape. We highly recommend speaking to the property before swimming on any beach, especially during weather transition seasons (Example: Hurricane season in the Caribbean crossing into High Season).

  • OCEAN VIEW - The ocean could be in the distance beyond the beach or beyond the trees which sit under your view. This is not an obstructed view, but often there is some sort of distance factor often associated. See The Room has provided photos of the views when available to give you a better idea of what you might see and experience during your stay.

    FULL OCEAN VIEW - When standing at a major window source within the room, you can look 180 degrees (left to right) and see the water. The surrounding landscape could be mountainous, garden or beach, but the water is in full view.

    PARTIAL OCEAN VIEW - An example of this could mean you are looking at a small portion of the water, because you are in a corner room and the garden is closer to you.

    OBSTRUCTED OCEAN VIEW - Trees, hills, mountains, buildings, bridges and other items block your view and only allow you to see a small portion of water when looking out of your major window source.

  • This hotel has the ability to provide feather free pillows for people with allergies. The hotel may also use special unscented cleaners and particular rooms that have been slated for no cigarettes or pets for people who are especially sensitive. Contact the hotel for any details that are not noted on their booking site.

  • Restaurants are located on site or connected to the property. Where available, we have noted Vegan, Gluten Free and Kid Friendly options. Please contact the hotel restaurant in advance to advise of allergies and to discuss special food needs.

  • This room type has the ability to connect to another room. Connecting rooms are highly sought after for families, groups and couples traveling together. Generally, the first room will contain a King/Queen bed, while the connecting room is usually a room type such as 2 Doubles/2 Queens/2 Twins for the sake of accommodating children/a group. See The Room HIGHLY RECOMMENDS you contact the hotel before booking two rooms for the sake of a connection. Connecting rooms are a limited feature within hotels, extremely popular and many hotels refuse to guarantee them in advance. A hotel will work hard to accommodate your request when you are traveling with small children, as they do not want to separate a family. However, because this feature is highly coveted, this option disappears within the hotel’s availability quickly. See The Room has noted the potential for connections only to give you an idea of the two rooms you will need to ask for to get a potential connection. It is never guaranteed and is always based upon hotel availability and discretion.

  • This hotel provides an airport shuttle. Most shuttles are free. The majority of shuttles need to be pre-arranged from the airport. Please check directly with the hotel to determine shuttle hours, rates, if applicable and availability. For hotels close to the airport, the shuttles often run on a schedule (every 30 minutes) from hotel to terminals. Please check directly with the hotel to confirm actual schedules.

  • Parking is available on the premises. This can be valet, self-parking or street parking. Please see the hotel details for more information.

  • This hotel is located in a major downtown district, where shopping, food and attractions are all available. Please check out our city guides to find out more about your travel destination.

  • This hotel is completely non-smoking. Smoking is only possible at specially marked locations outside of the hotel. Non-smoking rules cover cigarettes, marijuana, etc.

  • This hotel has gym or fitness area available to use by the guests of the hotel. Restrictions can occasionally apply, such as age limit. Please check the hotel rules to confirm hours, availability and details.

  • These hotels feature rooms with accessibility features which are noted in the accessibility features section