A message from the Founder:

"With over fifteen years in the luxury travel industry, as a consumer and seller of hotels, I noticed early on that something was missing. We are not here to service every aspect of a complex and growing industry. We are focused on providing an accurate and lean hotel research tool for the luxury market."

"We believe the hotels and properties that we seek to service can sell themselves with the right exposure, and we are it. Welcome to the future. "





An idea woman and long term visionary. Struck with an idea to re-create travel research that benefits consumers, sellers and hotels equally, Natasha's attention to detail and zeal for risk and growth will create a ripple effect in the hotel space.

Favorite travel destination:

Reykjavik, Iceland

Dream hotel stay:

Velaa Private Island in the Maldives

Ivana C.


Web Development

Being always eager to implement new technologies, approaches and edgy IT demands makes Ivana highly devoted proffessional. Bringing contemporary design ideas to life is her true passion.

Favorite travel destination:

Seminyak, Bali

Dream hotel stay:

Alea Hotel



Graphic Design

Pavle's design world is built on the passion for designing, shaping and working with other people. His ability to understand where the fine line between project brief and self guidance is, always brings top notch and professional results.

Favorite travel destination:

Venice, Italy

Dream hotel stay:

Any in Lido Di Jesolo